Can You Hear the Crickets?…

Sorry been a bit quiet.

Last week was half term and as such was spent at home catching up on the housework, painting the house ( while it was still dry) and doing the 101 other things that you never seem to have time to do when you are working.

The test knit carries on. It is amazing how I can design a pattern, carefully matching up all those yo’s and decreases and yet when I come to actually knit the thing I’m finding mistakes all over the shop.

I am sure I am not the only designer who suffers like this, and after all that is what a test knit is for, to test the pattern and find the mistakes, but sometimes I look at my charts in Knit Companion and all the annotations and highlighted patches where I have found mistakes and wonder what I was on when I charted the design :-).

Seeing as I have no current knitting progress to show I guess we are in for another Throwback Tuesday.

This time I have chosen the summer 2014 design from the mystery KAL’s based on the book The Wind in the Willows. ” Poop Poop!” said Mr Toad.

Knitted in lace weight, this was one of the first patterns where I collaborated with one of my test knitters, who prefers capes to shawls. Carolyn took my original circular design and “converted” it to a cape design that is knitted back and forth, rather than round and round in circles. It is a great idea, because to be honest while circular shawls look spectacular and are easier to knit with no purl rows, but they are not the easiest thing to wear. We offered the cape option as an extra to KAL participants.

Here is the original


This one is knitted  in Unique Sheep Chasca lace weight , which is 100% alpaca on 3.25mm needle. This particular version was knitted in a single colour ( natural) but most of the knitters on the KAL used gradiance colourways like this one in Eos ( merino/ silk mix)

This is the same pattern, but basically with a split in it and a little bit of a rewrite, missing out the centre motif, so as to create a collar section that will curve around the nape of the neck. This one is is Marici (100% silk)


As you can see not only does the  pattern look different with the split, but it also looks very different in the different colourways. This is one of the reasons I love these KAL’s. Everyone uses different colours and it is great to see my designs with so many different variations.

You can see even more versions and even buy the pattern to make you own here, should you wish to.

All the ones seen on Ravelry are knitted in Unique Sheep lace weights of various types, but you could use any laceweight yarn you like, though I am rather partial to their gradiance colourways, and I do include instructions on where to transition in the patterns. You will need about 1000 yards to be in the safe side if you are using a single colour.

Right! Enough procrastination! Back to the test knit so I can get something else onto the needles that I can actually show you ;-).


3 thoughts on “Can You Hear the Crickets?…

  1. I purchased Knitting in the Sun several years ago and attempted Bordeaux. As a new knitter then, I became very frustrated at trying to keep things lined up with all the increases and decreases. Now 5 years later and more experienced, I’ve taken another stab and am running into the same problem. The errata link to Wiley on the Ravelry page provides the exact chart as what is published in the book.

    The center repeat panel of the Madeira Lace chart is error free; however, I believe that on the RS rows, there are too many YO on the left side (of the red line) and not enough on the right (to accommodate for the SSK).

    I was not able to locate any other way of contacting the author of this beautiful scarf and would like to finally complete this project error free.

    Thanks for authoring so many beautiful patterns. I look forward to your response.


    1. ERRATA on previous message 😦
      Oops, I transposed Right Side and Left Side of my description. It should read:
      I believe that on the RS rows, there are too many YO on the RIGHT side (of the red line) and there are not enough YO on the LEFT side (of the red line) (to accommodate for the SSK).


      1. Hi Elaine,
        Let me look I to this, I think the best way to double check it is going to be to cast on and knit it myself 😉 Stay tuned and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


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