Finally – Some Finished Objects

As the title says I finally have some finished objects that I can show you.

First up, as promised photos of BIL’s Sweater.

This is the “Arty” shot taken draped across our Eucalyptus tree. It was a difficult thing to photograph, because it was so big and if you will excuse the description, shapeless. A big T shape is always hard to stage, unless it is on a person and I didn’t feel comfortable roping him in on an impromptu photo shoot – especially as we are still in lockdown, So I did the best I could and then wrapped it up and left it on our doorstep for him to collect when he kindly arrived with our groceries. Best of all it fits and he loves it!

This is the less artistic shot of it draped across the spa lid in an effort to show a bit more detail.

Faux rib throughout, side spits, standard T shape construction, knitted in pieces and then seamed. I know a lot of people like seamless, but when you are working on a 50 inch chest that is a lot of jumper to be hauling around in circles – especially when you are adding sleeves!

This pattern was calculated using The Sweater Wizard program that I bought years ago and find immensely useful for this kind of one off project. I hoard my copy carefully as it is no longer available. Such a shame as it is very simple to use and does exactly what you want it to do. You choose the shape, method of construction, the amount of ease, even the weight of the finished fabric, plug in the gauge and off it goes. Ah well! perhaps some computer whiz out there is working on a replacement…

Next up (I did say objects) pictures of the finished Goldilocks shawl.

Unblocked lace looks terrible

Blocking it is like a magical transformation – Tadaa!

Here some other versions by my wonderful test knitters Keith, Heike and Caroline

Every one of them a winner.

You can get more information about the pattern here. It will be available to the general public very soon.

We have already announced the next KAL. It will be Charlotte’s Web.

A lace weight octagonal shawl, with beads and Carolyn will be working her magic to also give a cape option for those that find circular shawls difficult to wear. We will be starting on this on May the 7th.

For anyone who might be interested in joining us, a link to the sign up page is here

I think that is everything for now, I have to cast on for Charlotte, and I have a jumper for my husband currently blocking, so there will be more things to show shortly.

A La Prochaine!


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