Not a Lot Going on Around Here..

The trouble with lockdown is you don’t go anywhere to do anything.

Because of the nature of my job I am in front of a computer all day I swear there is a sensor under my chair, because every time I get up, someone messages or calls me.

Still, bad weather and a lot of time indoors mean that I have been designing in the evenings and weekends. The next KAL after Goldilocks (which is currently on clue 7) is with the testers. I can’t tell you much more than that, because it hasn’t been announced yet.

I’m also working on some submissions, which I can’t tell you about yet – “So what can you tell us then?” I hear you cry.

Not much to look at it it?

This is a swatch – yes I do swatch. For a jumper that was promised to my BIL as his Christmas present. I knew he would want something plain but thought it best to give him some input as to colour, fit etc.

So hot off the needles and drying as we speak is a simple, drop shoulder round necked jumper in faux rib. I didn’t put a welt on the bottom, but started straight off with the faux rib pattern and sewed the side seams with a split on each hip. I swatched well and did all the measurements, so let’s hope it fits. I will publish photos once I have handed it over, it is only fair that he sees it first. 😉

I might write this up as a pattern- we will see. I wouldn’t mind one myself!

Also on the needles a simple sock in sports weight. Curling Mists sock by Helen Stewart, first of the Curious Handmade KALs of this year.

Simple 2×2 cables, easy to pick up and put down while waiting for things to load on the PC. The yarn is a really pretty almost semi solid by The Unique Sheep. It has been in the stash for years and I have lost the ball band.

I also have help when working from home.

She can be pretty hard to type around, but at least she isn’t standing on the keyboard, which is her normal default position.

I leave you with a photo of our swim Saturday last. It was high tide, mid morning, weak winter sunshine and not a breath of wind – Heaven! A la Prochaine!


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