Be sure not to boast about how well your island is coping with the covid crisis!

Not a week after it was reported on national media that Guernsey was the only place in Britain, not in lockdown, disaster struck and we have a cluster. The details are still hazy, but it is suspected that someone broke the self-isolation rules, either by going out or being visited by someone who didn’t social distance while there and lo we have over 100 cases and rising.

So, we are back in lockdown. Hopefully short and sharp, but I am guessing it will be at least a month. Still working from home has it’s perks 😉 I can make cookies in my coffee break and nice hot lunches instead of sandwiches, plus all that extra knitting time, when I would have been driving to and from work.

In the meantime, I have a new design coming out! The new Knotions edition is due out tomorrow and I have a shawl in it.

Marquee – a top down crescent shawl that was inspired by the stripy tents at a village fete I saw on TV.

© Kellie Nuss for Knotions Magazine

Alternating bands of lace and stockinette, you can make this out of two skeins of yarn, or use it to make a scrappy shawl using up all those precious odds and ends that you have left over and don’t want to throw away.

Here is mine that was my test knit. You will see from the full sized photo that the shape makes it very easy to wear as it won’t fall off your shoulders.

It will be available tomorrow at pop along and take a look!

A la Prochaine


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