Not Much Knitting to Report

The big trouble with mystery KAL designing is that while you are doing it it has to stay secret ( duh!).

This is all very well, but it does mean that there is very little I can talk about, well I could, but then I would have to kill you as they say in all the best spy films ;-).

This week is half term, which means that I am home. That doesn’t necessarily mean more knitting time though. I have made it through testing the first and most of the second clue of the “shh I  can’t talk about it ” project and I found time to block and photograph the Unique Sheep Christmas Rose (Christmas Club) shawl. But I can’t show you that either! That one has to stay a secret a little bit longer until all the kits have gone out to the members who purchased it – soon my pretties, soon!

So what can I show you? Well, nothing that is on the needles, at least not design wise.

I do have this .

V for Vivi

In Sirdar Aran weight , for the grand daughter of a colleague of mine (that makes 5 babies since June I have knitted for!). All I need it the babies name, so I can embroider a little initial and a couple of rosebuds at the neckline.

Other than that on the needles I have a fairly mindless shawl called Morning Star in Dragons Dawn gradiance yarn on Ling lace weight from The Unique Sheep.

Not much to see here as it is my carry around project and to be honest, we have been so busy at work, that  it barely gets picked up in my ( non existent) lunch break, but the colours are pretty šŸ™‚

Time to pick up the needles and do some more testing so I can keep ahead of my fabulous group of test knitters on the other side of the pond.


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