Time for Another Post

I thought as we seems to be starting again from scratch due to my terrible housekeeping, that it might be a nice idea to do one of those terrible meme type posts, Throwback Thursday. 

I am currently working on the final bits of the design and the test knit of the latest of our Classic Children’s Book Mystery KAL. A Wrinkle in Time.

So what better time to go back to the pattern that started it all off.

The Secret Garden.

Back in 2009 Laura and Kelly had started developing their gradiance dyeing method and produced a wonderful colour wheel. This is the sort of pictures they were sending me 🙂

They asked me to come up with a design that could showcase their new venture and I started playing with stitch patterns.

I knew I wanted to work with a pi construction, because I had never done one before and I wanted to have a go and once I had done all the calculations and looked at the stitch patterns I had chosen I realised they were all linked by flowers and gardens and so the name The Secret Garden was a no brainer.

The original  shawl was knitted in a colourway that went from pinks to mauves to blues. We were so happy with it that I knitted a second one in one of very first gradiance  colourways, Peacock.

We decided to make it a mystery knit along and I broke the pattern down into 5 clues.

Knitted in fingering weight and finished with a crochet bind off this is still one of my favourite shawls.

It was so popular that people kept asking if we could do another mystery KAL and that is when we hit on the idea of a theme. Classic Children Books. We have been doing three or so every year since. 🙂

If it is one of your favourites too, you can buy the patterns here.


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