The Fly

As promised here is a new design.

It was created for the Scary Sock KAL on Ravelry.

The Scary Sock KAL is now in it’s 7th year and I have tried to design at least one pattern each year. I find this particularly difficult as I am not a lover of horror films, in fact you are more likely to find me hiding behind the sofa than watching!

The Fly Sock

This sock was totally inspired by the stitch pattern. As soon as I saw it I thought of flies with big bulbous eyes, crawling up the leg of the sock
A little judicious fiddling with original chart to enhance the illusion and The Fly sock was born,
Top down, with an eye of partridge heel and a half handkerchief heel, the stitch pattern makes it look much more difficult than it really is
“Be afraid, be very afraid” as the film quite rightly says…

For those not in the Scary KAL, the pattern will be on sale at later in the year.


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