Beaded Scarf

As promised here is a bit more about the forthcoming kit for Earthfaire.

It is a very simple scarf, inspired by a fabric version I saw on my travels. It is basically plain stockinette with two sizes of seed beads added in a seemly random pattern using the crochet hook method.

I say seemingly random because you would not believe how hard it is to make a “random” pattern, the human mind insists on trying to make patterns where they aren’t. The number of times I had to more a bead on the chart because it was turning into a square or a triangle with others nearby.

This is mine a week or so ago. 

It is lace weight in Cirrus which is 80% merino and 20% silk, in a selection of skeins from the Magic Mirror colourway. This has been paired with silver lined teal seed beads in two different sizes.

My test knitter Vivie has already finished hers in a different colourway. 

The beads are only on the ends, and it hangs beautifully.

It will be a few weeks before it is ready to be released but it is getting there!


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