Long Time No See

Sorry for being away so long!

One month stretched into two and before I knew it, it’s July.

So much to tell you, but I will break it down into a few posts so as not to overwhelm.

I have a couple of new designs to share with you, which I will do soon, but first I have wonderful news!

I have been accepted as a designer by Knit Companion and some of my designs are now available for purchase ready to use in their wonderful app.

Currently you can choose from Snow Queen


Spirit of Guernsey
Or The Secret Garden

They are all available here.

I will be adding more designs when I can, but I am reliant on the wonderful team at KC to format them for use and they are very busy, so when more are up I will let you know.

Currently they are only available for the iPad/iPhone version of the app. But they are working on a major update to the Apple IOS to bring it into line with the newer Android version, which I have to say is fabulous! Hopefully when that happens the ready to knit option will be available for both versions.

In the meantime back to the designing board. A sock for Scary sock KAL, Christmas in July, the test knit of the next mystery KAL (La Belle et La Bette), plus a couple of ideas that are swirling around waiting to get put down on paper. No rest for the wicked 😉.


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