A New Year a New Resolution

Hi everyone,

Long time no see (again). Do you make New Years resolutions? I try not to.

Instead I make suggestions to myself of things I would like to improve. I mean why put pressure on yourself!

I pay good money for this website and it’s hosting, so I really should visit it more often, I mean one post a month only means popping in 12 times a year so hardly an onerous task…

I will try to do better.

A quick catch up of what has done on since my last post in August.

I mentioned two sock designs for the Bleeping sock games. Both are now available to purchase

Prince of Persia -Sands of Time

and Pac-man (one for the retro gamers)

Both of these are now for sale at a sensible price (rather than the silly price that I always put up to discourage non participants from buying the design until after the games are finished)

Once the socks were done we were on to the next of the Mystery KAL’s

This time Rapunzel

This was the Summer KAL, We are just about to start the Winter one!

Next we will be tackling Snow White, which will be a circular fingering weight. Several knitters have found the last couple of shawls a bit big. It is really difficult, because I am given a set of yarn to design with and I hate waste, so try to use as much as possible so that people don’t think that they have wasted money on yarn they don’t get to use.

With that in mind I have tried to design this one with optional clues, so that it can be what ever size suits the knitter. This of course means that there may be left over yarn, BUT I have thought about that and I am working on a design that uses up leftover bits from previous KAL’s

So as I am fond of saying “watch this space!”

A la Prochaine


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