Welcome to the New Me

Long story short I have been a bad blogger.

Not only bad but also remiss.

Some how, I managed to miss the renewal of my website hosting and by the time I had realised what I had done, it was too late to retrieve my data.

So basically 10 years blogging has gone down the swanee. Totally my fault! but in many ways it has been quite freeing.

I started blogging to reconnect with the knitting world and way before deciding to try my hand at designing, so there has always been a bit of a disconnect between my website and my blog.

By losing everything I am in a position to start again, with a new template and a new, more professional000_2011_medium2 direction.

No more updates about my cats, the beach, the trials and tribulations of my life.

This is going to be my business showcase ( who am I kidding!)

I will try to keep the personal stuff to a minimum, and I will try to post about the designing side of things more often, but I don’t promise anything.

First up I need to get everything back up and running, so I am brushing up on my DNS and stuff and getting everything back up and running – I really am having to recreate from the ground up.

So bear with me and here is a picture of my latest published design to keep you all happy until I have something else to show you.

Be back soon


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