Far Back Friday

Because everything on the needles is secret I have no choice but to do a look back post this week.

I thought I would take you back to 2011. When I designed a small KAL shawl pattern, based on The Jungle Book.

This  one is a semi circular pattern, constructed using the Pi principal pioneered by Elizabeth Zimmerman. For those who don’t know about her, or it, it is an ingenious principal where by you create a circle or a semi circle by doubling the number of stitches you have everytime you double the number of rows. So if you start off with say 5 sts on the first row, you double up your sts to 10 on row 2, 20 on row 4, 40 on row 8, 80 on row 16, etc, etc…

This is fine in theory, but you have to also find a series of stitch patterns who’s stitch repeat is divisible by your total number of sts on the needle AND number of rows fits with the number of rows between increases. It can sometimes cause a bit of head scratching.

Anyways, this one worked out pretty well, without too many ripping and cursing sessions ;-). Knitted on US#6 or 4mm  to us Brits this is one of my smaller designs that only uses 200g of fingering weight yarn.

It is amazing how different the shawl can look in different colourways

If you like it it is available on Ravelry, here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-jungle-book-shawlette

Where you can flick through and see all the other colourways that people have chosen to make it in.

I see you people over there in the US are due for some “weather” this weekend. Wrap up warm and keep safe, I think we are due a drop of rain and a bit of wind, how much rather depends on the weather forecast you read. Either way it will be perfect knitting weather ;-).


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