Summer Break

Sorry for the radio silence. It has been a whole month of stealth knitting, not much to show, and then the mania that is “going back to school”. This year has been particularly brutal after a longer than normal holiday and a whole new building that had to be populated with IT and everything else that goes with teaching these days.

Still. I do have a few things to share with you.

First off, I had a little mishap. I had been carrying around the second sleeve of the Sherlock sweater as travel knitting and when I took it out of my bag I was dismayed to find I was missing a needle tip! Not any old needle tip,  but a heavy metal Dyak needle tip.

Now I could have just swapped out the needles for another lesser pair, but these needles are special, not only in their manufacturer and their heft, but also their gauge, due to the grab that the metal surface exerts on the yarn, so I didn’t want to alter the gauge halfway through a piece. I bit the bullet and went to the website to try and order a replacement pair. Due to an issue with my PayPal address, I had to contact Lynda to ask her to process the order. The wonderful woman, not only sorted the order, nut sent me a single replacement needle instead of me having to purchase a pair AND it was here in only a couple of days -all the way across the pond!


I cannot praise the customer service of the Dyak’s highly enough. Wonderful people.

On the knitting front. I have finished a sock design for The Scary Sock KAL. Out very soon, so I promise pictures in a few weeks. A new shawl design has been finished for Knit Edge and is ready to go in the post. The Velveteen Rabbit test knit is well underway, with me trying vainly to stay ahead of my colleagues.

I can announce officially now that I am designing a shawl for the Unique Sheep Viking Shawl Club. I can’t say much other than it is a departure from my KAL designs, but will me great fun!

With one of the packages that came from the girls at The Unique Sheep were these wonderful stitch markers!


Thanks Ladies! I will have to find something suitable to knit with these at Halloween 😉

I leave you with a picture of a recent sock design that will shortly be going on general sale.

It was created for The Bleeping Sock KAL in the summer. All the designs are based on computer or video games and mine is inspired by Assassins Creed Syndicate.


A little bit quirky in both look and construction. It is something that I like to think that Evie would wear.

It will be available for purchase on the Revelry site in the next few days if you are interested.

Meanwhile back to the test knit.

A la Prochaine!


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