I have a new design out.

Named for the Japanese version of the Amaryllis that in the Japanese Flower language of Hanakotoba means shy, this scarf was inspired by a book of Japanese stitch patterns that I bought earlier this summer . The shape is loosely based on a previous pattern of mine Blowsey Ruffles, but with more lace and more ruffles!
This pattern could be described as a bit challenging with lace on RS and WS rows, but this is offset by working in larger yarn and needles, making it easier it see and work with.
Knitted in two halves and grafted or three needle bound off at the centre, the scarf can be as long or as short as you wish. Just add more yarn!
I think is makes the perfect gift knitting because although it is complicated lace, the fact that it is knitted in heavier yarn means that it grows quickly!

What’s more it is completely free because it was designed for Jodie at

Knitted on 5mm needles in a really yummy and squishy yarn it is going to be a firm favourite in my wardrobe when it gets colder.

You can get the pattern here. And here is another glamour shot that shows the ruffled ends  and the lace pattern better .scarf-3




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