There is something about Autumn. That gentle wind down after Summer, when the sunshine becomes somehow softer and the light becomes somehow sharper. This year it has been very gradual, Until suddenly this week getting up into the morning has been distinctly chilly.

We broke for half term on Friday afer a manic half term that included moving into a new building, a royal visit  and a full school inspection. Believe me, we are all looking forward to a week of rest.

Friday afternoon was beautiful. I got home from work and the sunlight just beckoned. So rather than knit (which I really should be doing) I went for a walk.WP_20161021_15_48_54_Pro.jpg

THIS is why I am so grateful to live in such a wonderful place. This is a 5 minute walk from my doorstep. If you zoom in you can see Sark behind Herm and Jethou and Jersey is peeking out behind Sark. I am so lucky to live is such a beautiful place.

Autumn makes me think of knitting, lets face it any time of year makes me think of knitting, but Autumn, or as my American friends call it, fall really makes me think of knitting. I have a new sock design being released on 31st October for the Scary Sock KAL Sock  and as soon as the KAL is finished it will be available for the general public. For once I have actually managed to knit BOTH socks (which is a bit of a miracle) you would not believe the number of single socks I have! My aim for the remainder of this year is to knit all the missing socks as my “travelling ” knitting. I think I currently have at least half a dozen that require companions….

The reason these second socks never seem to get done is that you only need one sock for a photo shoot. I design the sock, knit one to make sure that the pattern works, adjust the pattern as necessary and then publish. Before you know it the second sock gets put to the side because something else needs knitting. What could be called extreme second sock syndrome.

Meanwhile back at the designing front The Velveteen Rabbit is off the needles, my test knitters are hard on my heels and will soon be finished too, and the next design is already on the needles.

This one is for the latest Unique Sheep club The Mythical Shawl club


This will be a bit different from my normal designs, but will be perfect for snuggling into on a cold Autumn or Winter morning.

Back to the knitting, a la prochaine!




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