A Slight Pause in the Design Process

Well not so much a pause as a holiday interjection.

Back in the Summer a good friend asked a favour. A while ago, for a joke, made her teenage son a pair of socks for his birthday.

They were very loud, basically ankle socks and had toes.


Because the boy in question had huge feet, I nicknames them Yeti Feet and they were one of my very first patterns that I wrote and put up on Ravelry.

Fast forward nearly 10 years and that gangly teenager is now a strapping young fireman and she tells me that he is still wearing them!

They are however getting a bit worn. Even acrylic wears out eventually. So back in the summer she asked me if there was any chance I could make her a replacement pair to give him for Christmas. Of course I agreed, and then promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to the 1st week of December and I am patting myself on the back about the fact that I don’t have any Holiday knitting deadlines to keep, when suddenly a little voice in the back of my head goes, ” hold on, what about those sock you promised?”. Eeek!

So a quick trip to our local LYS, that does a mean line in neon coloured acrylic (as well as more lovely yarns like Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding and a bit of Rowan) and now this is what I have on the needles.


The photo is a bit washed out with the flash – the orange is truly neon in real life.

Knitted in DK on 2.5mm ( US#1.5) dpns this creates a very stiff fabric that sits up by its self more like slippers than socks and perfect for your in house monsters.

The Pattern is Free, and because it is DK grown quickly, this is only about 4 hours worth of knitting and I am about to add the toes. So if you are looking for a relatively quick knit to finish you holiday knitting there is still time to knock out a pair of these if you are quick.

Once these are done, it will be back to the shrug and another design that I am cooking up with The Unique Sheep and Earthfaire. If all goes to plan this will be a really easy, but spectacular knit – stay tuned!



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