Having a Blue Period

No I am not down, I am, it seems literally having a blue period when it comes to my knitting. Everything on my needles is blue!

As you know I started blogging about a shrug based on my Peter Pan shawl. It is still “on the needles” but has had to take a bit of a back seat due to design deadlines, but I do manage to knit the odd round here and there.

This one is in The Unique Sheep Tinsel Toes fingering weight : colourway: Caribbean

The there is a simple beaded scarf/stole that I am working on in conjunction with Ellen at Earthfaire and Kelly and the Unique Sheep

This one is in Unique Sheep Cirrus lace weight ( 80%merino, 20% silk) in the Magic Mirror selection, skeins 5-10.

With two sizes of teal seed beads floating up the ends, this is going to be the perfect accent scarf. So many colour combinations are possible!

Then finally, ready to go on the needles, now that A Wrinkle in Time is done, our next Mystery KAL – Heidi!

This one is Marion’s Sea Glass in Eos lace weight. With blue lined Aqua AB seed beads.

My “don’t have to think” recreational knitting is also blue. It does have a little brown in it for variety I guess…

It is a hitchhiker scarf for my daughter – it is all garter st so it is easy to knit, even in the dark.

Hopefully there will soon be some photos of the finished Wrinkle shawls I can show you later on in the week. The last clue included a huge increase in sts, so I am sure that the knitters in the KAL are currently cursing me ;-).

I also have a feeling that I am going to be desperate to knit with some other colour before long, so stay tuned for some other colour soon, even if it is just a plain pair of socks 🙂


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